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We all want to lead comfortable lives with as little financial struggle as possible. Perhaps one of the worst (and most common) types of stress we often deal with, is usually associated with money problems. The type of the problem varies from one person to another where some people struggle to pay bills and generally make ends meet while others struggle with market and economic conditions to maintain their business.

Many types of problems but the common factor is the degree of stress these problems cause. So, we’ve decided to talk about 3 assets to consider investing in to help you reach a degree of financial stability and in turn, reduce some of that stress.

Real Estate

Real estate is quite simply one of the safest investments out there in the sense that it involves minimal risk compared to other types of investment. For one thing, Real Estate assets are usually immune to market and economic fluctuations such as inflation and continue to rise in value regardless.

The purpose of the investment does not necessarily have to be with the goal of selling for profit. Investing in owning a home relieves you of monthly payments such as rent, which on the long run saves you money and eliminates the stress of setting aside some money for the monthly rent payment that keeps a roof over your head.

You simply can’t go wrong with Real Estate investment. Having said that, you can check out the Real Estate listings available on OLX via the below link.

Real Estate & Properties for Sale and Rent in Egypt | OLX Egypt


When we hear the word “investment” the first things that usually pop on our minds are things like Real Estate, Stocks and Startups. There are investments of different types which, however, are just as valuable.  One of those, is education.

Any amount of money spent on expanding your knowledge and skill set, is money very well spent. We are currently witnessing one of the toughest job markets in recent history where finding a job or even keeping one, is getting increasingly harder.

The more you invest on educating yourself, the more you increase your value among the large pool of job seekers and holders. That means your current employer would probably want to hold on to you while other potential employers may attempt to head hunt you.

Job security along with the having the luxury of choice when being approached by new opportunities is a big step towards financial stability.

Speaking of jobs, you might want to take a look at what’s available on OLX by following the below link.

Jobs in Egypt | OLX Egypt


Gold investment shares quite a few traits with Real Estate in terms of risk factor. Throughout history, Gold has been one of the few investments that were mostly able to hold their value against all kinds of economic hurdles ranging from  inflation to financial crises to even war.

When we say investing in Gold, we don’t necessarily mean literally investing in physical gold in the form of bricks or coins. There are other forms of such an investment such as buying shares of gold mining companies or gold exchange-traded funds.

Closing Words

Even though the above-mentioned options have historically proven to be safer than most other types of investment, there is no such thing as a 100% risk free investment.

Investing will always involve a relative degree of risk and so, it is advisable to allocate a maximum of 20% of your income towards investing while the rest should remain dedicated to your personal expenses and/or savings.

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