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What would be better than living in a beautiful, relaxing place surrounded by greenery which is also convenient on all levels? In search of the perfect place to live, Maadi is among the top neighborhoods in Cairo. Most of expats choose Maadi to become their home in Egypt and it is for a reason. The affluent neighborhood offers a perfect living experience and is ideal for those who are seeking a private life outside a compound. Let’s take you through the reasons why you will love living in Maadi.

  • Proximity

Maadi is easily accessible through various main roads such as Autostrade Road, El Nasr Road, The Ring Road, and Corniche Road. It takes an average of 27 minutes between Maadi and New Cairo, Downtown, or Garden City; and the commute time between Maadi and 6th of October is around 47 minutes.

  • Lush greenery

In Maadi, you are surrounded by greenery everywhere. The neighborhood is filled with various species of trees making it a relaxing area, plus, the trees provide shade in summer’s hot weather. The gardens in Maadi are taken care of and well preserved, needless to say, the air out there is cleaner.

  • Privacy and safety

Living in Maadi gives you the privilege of a compound-like lifestyle in terms of privacy and safety. The area is set up in a way that gives you the vibes of a closed community, hence you will enjoy the privacy. Maadi, being home to several embassies, marks itself as one of the safest non-compound areas to live in Cairo which has a lot of security. Additionally, residents of Maadi are always willing to offer help whenever needed.

  • Friendly

With its beautiful, calming surroundings, Maadi is ideal for those who like to exercise outdoors. It is very common to see people around you running, jogging, and cycling. There are also several clubs in this area including Maadi Sporting Club, and Maadi Yacht club, so you can enjoy all kinds of sports there.

  • It’s clean

The streets in Maadi are really clean. Unlike other areas in Cairo where you can find garbage thrown in the streets, this is not the case in Maadi. Residents of Maadi are always keen on keeping the neighborhood clean. It is in their culture to be more conscious about the quality of life, hence they never do anything that would harm their surrounding environment.

  • Hangout spots

Maadi is a perfect place to go out and have fun. With a roundup of cafes, restaurants, and bars, there is a lot for you out there to try and experience. You will explore a variety of authentic cuisines including Italian, Chinese, Indian, and Asian. There are also various bars and nightclubs. Let’s also highlight how friendly are the people of Maadi; the Maadi crowd will always make you feel they all know one another.

If you choose to live in Maadi, you will not want to go out of it. It has everything you need. From shops, malls, and schools, to art galleries, cinemas, and so much more; there’s nothing you’d look for and not find. Now, what’s not to like about this multicultural, happy, and convenient neighborhood? Look no further and find the right house for you in this splendid neighborhood when you visit our OLX. You will find a variety of apartments and villas for rent and sale according to your needs and preferences.

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