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One of the most important goals to dubizzle is to offer its customers, whether buyers or sellers, a seamless and convenient experience. They conducted a collaboration with the digital car insurance provider Comin.

Shaping the future of trade, this partnership intercepts the car buyer’s journey from the onboarding stage, until the purchase of any car on dubizzle platform. With this partnership, we are happy to be bringing the best of both worlds of insurance and automotive to the clients online and offline.

Indeed, Comin insurance is a new dynamic insurance model that offers an improved set of solutions guiding individuals and businesses alike in their search to protect what matters to them most

dubizzle’s partnership with Comin Car insurance is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to improve its services and provide its customers with a hassle-free experience when it comes to buying and selling cars. dubizzle’s users can now save time and effort by avoiding the need to visit multiple insurance providers. It also brings a lot of synergies to the automobile purchasing process with a particular focus on the safety of the customer. As such, when purchasing a car verified and inspected by the dubizzle Autos team, the user will have full visibility on the car condition and detailed report, and will then be redirected towards the most suitable car insurance solution from Comin insurance 

Furthermore, the partnership will help sellers on dubizzle’s platform to sell their cars faster, as they can now offer potential buyers the convenience of purchasing car insurance at the same time they are buying the car. This will undoubtedly be a significant advantage for sellers, as it will help them close deals faster and more efficiently. 

Bringing together teams with innovation and modern practices as a common denominator is a real pride to both companies and a unique way of approaching today’s Egyptian automobile market with a twist.

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