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According to industry insiders, the used cars market in Egypt is experiencing a significant slump, with sales plummeting by about 75%. A combination of unstable pricing and buyer hesitation has brought transactions to a near halt.

Unstable Prices and Reluctant Buyers

A member of the automotive division highlighted that the prices of used cars have remained high, despite a general decrease in the prices of new cars. This anomaly is attributed to sellers’ reluctance to lower their prices.

Car owners prefer holding on to their cars rather than selling at a loss, having originally purchased them during a period of high price inflation. This unwillingness to negotiate has kept prices stagnant, despite the overall market trend.

“There’s no buying or selling happening,” he stated. “The only exceptions are in cases of necessity. This standstill is largely because sellers insist on the high prices they initially paid when buying new cars. They don’t want to incur a loss.”

Impact of Spare Parts Prices

The rising cost of spare parts also plays a role in this scenario. Sellers are factoring these costs into their pricing, discouraging the potential buyers who are looking for bargains. Buyers are generally waiting for a more substantial drop in prices before making any purchase decisions, contributing to the market stagnation.

Preference Shifts to New Cars

Walid Sadeq, a member of the Automobile Dealers Association, corroborated this situation, noting that the used car market is nearly frozen. “The main reason is that buyers are not accepting the current prices,” he said. “Many are opting to wait, anticipating further reductions in new car prices, which would naturally drive down used car prices as well.”

This waiting game has been exacerbated by the fact that discounts on new cars are already significant. In some cases, new car prices have fallen below those of used cars for the same models. This price inversion is unprecedented and has led to further buyer reluctance.

Examples of Price Reductions

For instance, recent models of Japanese and Korean cars have seen price cuts up to EGP 200,000, while American cars have dropped by as much as EGP 500,000. These substantial reductions in new car prices have diverted attention away from the used car market, causing further stagnation.

Market Analysts’ Insights

Mahmoud Hamad, head of the used car sector at the Automobile Dealers Association, provided additional context. He noted that the prices of used cars have dropped by up to 30% due to the falling prices of new cars. However, this significant reduction has not been enough to spur sales.

“Buyers are waiting for the prices to hit rock bottom,” Hamad explained. “Even though prices have dropped significantly, the fear of further reductions is keeping them from making purchases. They don’t want to buy now only to find prices falling further shortly after.”

Economic Factors at Play

The current situation is also influenced by the relative stability of the Egyptian pound against the dollar. Minor fluctuations in the exchange rate have not had a substantial impact on car prices.

Also, Hamad suggested that any further price reductions would depend on a significant drop in the dollar’s value.

Prospects for Recovery

Despite the bleak current outlook, there is some optimism for a market rebound. Hamad predicts that sales might increase in the third quarter of the year, starting in July.

This period coincides with the end of exam season, the start of vacations, and an influx of tourists, particularly from Arab countries, who might boost the demand for used cars.

In conclusion, Egypt’s used car market is facing an unprecedented slowdown, with high prices and buyer hesitation at the core of the issue.

While significant price drops in new cars have not yet translated into corresponding reductions in the used car market, industry experts remain cautiously optimistic about a potential uptick in sales later in the year.

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