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New Alamein City, situated in northwest Egypt on the Mediterranean coast, is currently undergoing significant development with various projects under construction. Its strategic location, approximately 85 km west of Borg El Arab International Airport, enhances its potential as a vital hub for economic growth and urban expansion.

Among the numerous construction projects taking place in New Alamein City, the Alamein Downtown Towers stand as one of Egypt’s flagship endeavors. The main construction work has begun with the concrete casting of the 300-meter-high Iconic Tower, which is just one of the five towers to be built as part of the project. As the city continues to develop, it is expected to encompass residential activities, cultural institutions, tourist attractions, industrial and research areas, as well as private universities and international hotels.

With the Egyptian government’s dedicated efforts and the collaboration of international contractors, such as China State Construction, New Alamein City is gradually transforming into a modern urban marvel. Its innovative infrastructure and investment opportunities in real estate make this city an ideal choice for residents and investors seeking a promising future in Egypt.

New Alamein City Overview

Location and Significance

New Alamein City is a remarkable urban development project in Egypt, situated on the North Coast within the administrative borders of Marsa Matrouh Governorate. The city boasts a strategic location, stretching for 48 kilometers along the International Alexandria – Matrouh Road. Its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and being approximately 85 km west of Borg El Arab International Airport make it an attractive destination.

The significance of New Alamein City lies in its potential to become a center for tourism, education, and government. Inaugurated by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi on 1 March 2018, the city aims to ease population density while contributing to Egypt’s socio-economic development.

Master Plan and Vision

The master plan of New Alamein City envisions an integrated city with various residential, cultural, tourist, industrial, and research areas. It is divided into three sectors: International Tourism, Historical or Archaeological, and Education and Research.

Some notable projects under construction in New Alamein City include:

  • New Alamein Towers: High-end residential and commercial towers with panoramic sea views.
  • Al Massah Hotel: A luxurious hotel to cater to the city’s tourists and visitors.
  • New Alamein Old City: A historical and cultural area that preserves Egypt’s rich heritage.

The city promotes sustainability by incorporating a wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 90,000 m³ per day, built by Orascom Construction. Additionally, New Alamein City will include a private university, international hotels, and recreational facilities, making it a vibrant hub for the entire region.

Current Construction Projects

New Alamein City, located on Egypt’s northern Mediterranean coast, is witnessing a surge in construction projects aimed at various sectors, such as residential, commercial, and hospitality. This section will discuss some high-profile developments underway in the region.

Residential Developments

From an urban planning perspective, New Alamein seeks to develop integrated residential areas. One of the key projects in this sector is the Alamein Downtown Towers, comprising five super high-rise towers providing luxury living spaces. The concrete casting for the 300-meter-high Iconic Tower has already begun and is expected to be a stunning attraction in the new city.

Commercial Complexes

Besides residential buildings, New Alamein City is also focusing on creating diverse commercial projects to address various needs. Significant among them is the ongoing construction by Orascom, which includes three commercial landmarks, such as towers, hotels, and historical cities, covering a built-up area of 737,000 square meters.

Tourism and Hospitality Projects

New Alamein’s location on the Mediterranean coast positions it as the future “summer capital” of Egypt and a major tourist destination. Among the ongoing hospitality projects is the Al Massah Hotel in New Alamein, being developed by Orascom Construction, and several international hotel brands planning to establish their presence in the new city.

Infrastructure and Public Amenities

A well-planned infrastructure is vital for a city’s holistic growth. In that aspect, New Alamein’s ongoing projects include a wastewater treatment plant with a 90,000 cubic meters/day capacity. Furthermore, the city is set to host cultural, research, and recreational facilities, such as a private university, international hotels, and two marinas.

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