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With the current state of global economy these days and the inflated prices of most products, there’s probably never been a better time to look after our owned assets, especially the valuable ones and research ways to maintain them.

For most of us, a car is one of the most expensive assets we own and hence, is not one we typically want to replace quite often. It is also one that we use very frequently. As such, it is in our best interest to extend the life of that specific asset for as long as possible.

So below are a few ways which should help extend the lifetime of your car.

Stick to the Maintenance Schedule

We know that the maintenance visit can sometimes come up at the worst time possible when you’d really rather not spend more money. It is however very important in avoiding potential issues with your car that might result in very expensive repairs later on.

Regular maintenance means that your car is inspected on a regular basis and all necessary precautions to ensure it doesn’t breakdown are being taken.

 Avoiding maintenance may save you some money on the short term but it’s most likely going to cost you so much more on the long term.

Drive Less

Ironically, one sure way of further maintaining your main means of transportation is simply driving it less. That trip to the supermarket near where you live for instance, consider taking a walk rather than driving. Do you have a few short errands planned throughout the week? Whenever possible, combine them into one longer errand on a single day.

Driving the car for short distances can particularly be harmful to your muffler. This is because starting a cold engine will trigger condensation of water in the exhaust and if the car doesn’t run long enough to generate enough heat to evaporate the water, that excess water may accumulate in the muffler causing potential rust.

The more short trips you make, the more the likely hood of something like that happening.

Change Oil Regularly

It is recommended to change oil every 5000-8000 Kms or every 3 to 6 months depending on the type of oil used. The Oil filter is also just as important to change and maintain. There is little point in using clean oil with a dirty oil filter. Additionally try to maintain a smooth driving experience for your car (i.e no excessive short trips, driving through extreme weather, carrying heavy loads). Doing so, should enable you to maintain your car in good condition for an average of 320000+ Kilometers. 

Regularly Inspect Your Air Filter

A dirty air filter can have a negative effect on the car’s ability to smoothly accelerate (and more problems may develop if the issue was left unaddressed). Changing the air filter is relatively easy and, in most cases, can be changed via simple tools such as a screwdriver (or at the car service center or a mechanic to be on the safe side). 

Keep on an eye on the condition of your tires

If your tire is under inflated, this would have a very significant effect on the tire’s durability and lifetime. Be sure to regularly check your tire pressure, especially if you’re going for a long drive on a highway where you may not have quick access to a nearby gas station (which would then force you to continue driving with a damaged tire for an extended period of time).

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