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Needless to say, we are living in rough times when it comes to the state of the global economy. We are only starting to feel the economic repercussions of the past couple of years due to the pandemic. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, a war erupts in Europe causing further deterioration to world economy.

Prices across the board have aggressively jumped to unprecedented heights and cars were certainly no exception to that rule. Buying a new car has become a giant investment that many people would no longer desire to pursue.

Accordingly, more people have opted to explore the used car market instead and although cheaper, it can be a very tricky decision to pick the right car. So, we thought of putting together a short guide for the main things to check when examining a used car you’re considering to buy.


Probably the first thing you check even before going to check out the car. The general rule is that the higher the mileage, the more consumed the mechanical components would be and hence, the higher the chance you will need to pay for repairs and spare parts sooner rather than later. So the idea here is to strike a balance between low mileage and a reasonable price. 

Rust or Paint Damage

A little rust on the car exterior is usually not a serious issue and is quite fixable, large patches of rust though should be a clear sign of looking elsewhere. Be sure to check underneath the car, hinges, and door edges. Also, visible changes in paint color in different parts of the car may indicate an accident that required a paint job. Buying a used vehicle that was involved in an accident is unrecommended.

Under the Hood

You’ll want to take a good look at the engine and keep a sharp eye for any fluid leaks, corrosion, cracked hoses and belts. Fluid coloration should also be carefully inspected. Ideally, oil should be light brown, transmission fluid should be pink or red. Deviation from these colors may indicate a problem with the car.

Tire Condition

Just like everything else, tire prices have plummeted through the roof and so, it is important to inspect them. Feel the tires with your hand and pay close attention for damage resulting in uneven patterns. If tires need changing, this should be taken into account when discussing the price of the car.

Inspect The Glass

Take a close look at the glass, any small crack can spread causing visibility issues and even possibly complete shattering of the glass. It is also illegal to drive with visible damage to the glass (bar breeze).

Mechanic Inspection

To be on the safe side, you’d want to arrange with the car owner to pay a short visit to the car manufacturer service center for a general check up on the vehicle. The inspection report should reveal if there are any underlying issues or areas of future concern. You will be expected to pay for the inspection though, not the car owner.


Check the interior of the car for any interior damage (seats..etc). Also test the stereo, speakers, air condition to make sure everything is working properly.

Test Drive

Take the car for a short drive and get a feel for it. If the car has any serious issues, there is a very good chance they will be revealed during the test drive. You will either feel them or hear them while driving or you’ll get messages/alarm lights on the dashboard indicating issues.

Bring a Friend Who Knows Cars

Even if you’re a car expert yourself, it will never hurt to bring along an extra set of eyes. Preferably someone who knows cars and would have the ability to spot any red flags you might miss during your inspection.

At the end of the day, buying a used car will always be gamble of sorts and that’s the risk one takes to avoid spending much more on a brand-new car. It is however a very attractive prospect in light of the current state of the global economy.

So we’re hoping the above guide helps you avoid making unwise purchases. 

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