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With the new year approaching, attention in the Egyptian market is turning towards the latest models offered for 2024. The car market is eagerly awaited by consumers looking to acquire modern cars, despite the ongoing economic challenges that the industry has faced for over two years.

Currently, consumers are looking to find economical 2024 car models that combine value and performance, especially those available with automatic transmissions. The range varies between family cars and hatchbacks, with prices starting at around 600,000 EGP, providing multiple options that suit the requirements and budgets of different buyers.

Nissan Sunny

The Nissan Sunny 2024 model is available in the Egyptian markets in a diverse range comprising four categories, with variations in features and prices to meet the needs of different consumers.

The prices start as follows:

  •       First category: 612,400 Egyptian pounds
  •       Second category: 643,500 Egyptian pounds

As for the top two categories, they are priced as follows:

  •       Third category: offered at 664,000 Egyptian pounds
  •       Fourth category: the most equipped, available for 678,000 Egyptian pounds

Nissan aims to equip advanced models with more specifications and technologies that enhance the driving experience, as well as improve the comfort and safety for both the driver and passengers alike.

Chery Arrizo 5

The Chery Arrizo 5 is a mid-sized sedan equipped with a four-cylinder engine. The base engine for this car comes with a capacity of 1.5 liters and can generate up to 114 horsepower. The options include a manual transmission associated with the standard version, while there is a choice of a 6-speed automatic transmission of the CVT type.

Equipment details and prices:

  •       First category: starting from 620,000 Egyptian pounds.
  •       Second category: priced at 665,000 Egyptian pounds.
  •       Third category: offered at 690,000 Egyptian pounds.


The Arrizo 5 comes in three different equipment levels, keeping pace with the diversity of needs and tastes. Each category of these classes includes specific advantages that enhance the driving experience to meet the different expectations of consumers.

Mitsubishi Attrage

The Mitsubishi Attrage is known for being an economical choice among Japanese cars in the Egyptian markets. The options are limited to a single category with specific equipment, where the official selling price for this compact sedan reaches 670,000 Egyptian pounds.

The car is equipped with a handy three-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1200 cc that can generate up to 76 horsepower. It also provides a torque of 100 Newton meters at a speed of 4000 rpm, along with an automatic transmission that contributes to providing a smooth driving experience.

The Attrage stands out as a car that combines reliability and fuel efficiency, offering a practical solution for those seeking balanced performance at a reasonable cost.

Mitsubishi Mirage

The Mitsubishi Mirage 2024 model available in the Egyptian markets comes with a unified design and is fully equipped, with prices starting from 685,000 Egyptian pounds. This car is characterized by its economy and practicality, making it an attractive choice in its category.

  •       Engine: operates with a three-cylinder MIVEC engine with a capacity of 1.2 liters.
  •       Power: the engine generates a power of 78 horsepower at 6000 rpm.
  •       Torque: reaches a torque of 100 Newton meters at 4000 rpm.
  •       Transmission: the engine is coupled with a CVT automatic transmission with 6 speeds.
  •       Fuel capacity: the fuel tank comes with a capacity of 35 liters.

The Mirage excels with its fuel efficiency, equipped with a small engine and an optimized transmission system, providing a satisfying driving experience and balanced performance for its passengers, all while maintaining a cleaner environment.


The BYD F3 stands out as a family sedan that keeps up with the 2024 releases, and it falls within the category of active vehicles in the market. This model embodies an economically favorable choice for a large segment of consumers, with prices ranging from 600,000 Egyptian pounds for models equipped with manual gearboxes, up to 680,000 Egyptian pounds for models equipped with automatic gearboxes.

The BYD F3 comes equipped with a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1500 cc, which generates a driving force of 108 horsepower at 5800 revolutions per minute. It delivers a torque of 145 Newton meters at 4800 revolutions per minute, placing it among the reliable sedan cars.

The first category comes with a manual transmission, while the higher-equipped category comes with a CVT automatic transmission with 6 speeds, providing the driver with a smooth and comfortable driving experience, especially with the ability to reach a maximum speed of 180 kilometers per hour.

Engine and performance specifications:

  •       4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1500 cc.
  •       Power: 108 horsepower at 5800 rpm.
  •       Torque: 145 Newton meters at 4800 rpm.
  •       Manual or CVT automatic transmission with 6 speeds.
  •       Maximum speed: 180 km/h.

Price options:

  •       Manual transmission category: 600,000 Egyptian pounds.
  •       Automatic transmission category: 680,000 Egyptian pounds.

It is worth mentioning that the BYD F3 is locally manufactured in Egypt, contributing to reducing additional costs and making it an economical choice preferred by many families. By offering multiple equipment options and price points, this car emerges as a strong competitor in its category and provides an exceptional value for consumers in the Egyptian market.


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