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So, its mid-October at the time of writing this article and we’re all in one way or another stuck in that state of limbo between summer (along with its list of associated activities) being officially over but also winter not quite arriving yet.

A state of limbo -by definition- is a mental place of uncertainty and not knowing what will happen next. So, we’ve decided to give you that little push to take some positive action and maybe even get started with your new year’s resolutions a couple of months in advance. 

Our recommendation for you today, is to check out Latin dance classes in Egypt, read on to understand why.


Improved Mental Health

Dancing is one of the most pleasant activities out there. It is an activity that is meant to be fully enjoyed. For the duration of a dance class, you will most likely forget about any troubles plaguing your life and you will be completely immersed in the experience. 

Also, for those of you who like to verify their knowledge with scientific evidence, studies have shown that dancing for just 25 minutes reduced the symptoms of depression by 47 percent and dancing for 45 minutes reduced the symptoms of anxiety by 57 percent. The typical dance class in Egypt lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.


Improved Confidence

The funny thing about dancing is that while it is truly one of the most beautiful and enjoyable forms of human arts, it can also take a certain degree of courage to actually perform it.

It is not all that different from stage fright actually but instead of presenting or giving a speech, you’re making certain moves with your body in alignment with the music playing.

It’s even a bit more challenging in Latin dance which for the most part involves partner work as opposed to dancing alone. 

The mental confidence barrier you break when you get into dancing (and Latin dancing in particular) will reflect onto other aspects of your life and you generally become a more confident person.


The Human Connection

Once you get good at Latin dance, you start to forge this mental connection with your dance partner for the duration of the song and that connection can at times feel magical. 

You are both silently but very clearly communicating through the movement of your bodies. It’s as if you’ve both invented a language that only the two of you can understand and for the duration of that 3-4 minute song, you’re both fluently speaking it.

It almost feels as though you’re delicately painting a picture, a true work of art which you’re somehow experiencing with all your senses. 


The Community

If Latin dance is anything (and it is many things), it’s one hell of an ice breaker. Few things will get people acquainted and familiar with each other like dancing together. All the social awkwardness just dissolves into thin air once the music plays and people start to apply the moves they’re learning in class.

People in dance class are there for the sole reason of having fun and having a good time. So that’s the general vibe one feels once they step into class and that creates a very nurturing environment for expanding your network, getting to know different people and hopefully, laying the foundation for great friendships.

Few things bring people closer like having fun together and that is what Latin dance is all about.


Where Can I learn Latin Dance in Egypt

Luckily Egypt has an abundance of dance studios equipped with world class instructors as well as a dance community that is on the rise. The most famous dance studios that teach Latin dance in Egypt are “Brass Monkeys” studios and “Soul Motion” studios but there are many more and you’re more than likely to find one near where you live or work. 

The two most common types of Latin dance in Egypt are Salsa and Bachata. Salsa is a more energetic fast paced dance while Bachata is more relaxed slower dance. You can try both and decide which one suits you more.

The type of dance you end of choosing would usually somehow be a reflection of an aspect of personality. 


We Could All Use a Break

We’ve all had it relatively rough during the past 2 years, juggling a pandemic, a war in Europe and financial struggles among other things.

We owe it to ourselves to blow off some steam and take active measures to show ourselves a good time.

Dance class is a proven remedy for stress and anxiety and doing it consistently can have a very positive impact on our quality of life.

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