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A few years ago, the idea of thrift shopping or buying second-hand items was hugely frowned upon. The concept of buying pre-owned items was to a great extent off-putting and had anyone done so before, they usually don’t share it out of embarrassment. Recently, for around a couple of years now, the narrative has changed and there are more talks that not only normalizing but also encourage the idea of thrift shopping. Change has taken place when bloggers and influencers started speaking openly about buying pre-owned clothes, shoes, and bags. From here, people started already delving into the experience of hunting for unique pieces at much lower prices.

Technology plays a big role in moving towards thrift shopping and pre-owned items

Recently, we have seen several platforms and websites, including OLX, where people put their clothes up for sale. In comparison to how thrift shopping was done earlier, these platforms and websites have made it easier to purchase a piece with just a click of a button versus spending long hours in thrift shops to find the perfect piece. Contrary to the misconception that second-hand shopping means worn-out clothes in bad condition, a lot of those pieces have only been used once or even never worn before, but the owner has realized that this piece has been hanging in their closet for too long with no use that it is now time to let it go. 

Why are second-hand cars acceptable but second-hand clothes not?

Think about it we are always willing to buy a used car or a second-hand piece of furniture but when it comes to clothes, we are rather hesitant and do not really welcome the idea. If you take a moment to pause and ask yourself why, the answer probably wouldn’t be convincing enough. As a matter of fact both scenarios are the same, nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to pre-owned – or also known as pre-loved – clothes.

Why should you start considering thrift shopping and second-hand clothes?

  • You save more money. Prices keep on rising at an exponential rate by the day. What you used to pay to buy 3 items would barely buy 1 item as we speak. With that being said, buying pre-owned clothes will help you buy more and also better items at much lower prices. The budget won’t be an issue for you anymore.
  • You will take part in saving our planet and slowing down fast fashion. The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. Every year, the fashion sector is responsible for an average of 11 million tons of waste according to This is due to the rapid and aggressive cycles of fast fashion. Worth mentioning that fast fashion is known for its inhumane working conditions in terms of exploiting the workers and paying them very little money. By buying second-hand clothing you take part in slowing down fast fashion and saving the planet from the harmful effects of the fashion industry.
  • You will be able to afford higher and better brands within your budget. To state a fact here, brands already sell their products for a way higher price than what they actually cost. Yes, high-end brands use premium quality materials, but they sell their products with almost 1000% markup. So, considering pre-loved items will enable you to get brands you wanted to own but couldn’t afford.
  • You leave more room for new clothes when you sell clothes that you don’t need anymore. It is common for many people to have so many clothes yet feel they got nothing to wear. This is because we barely assess what is in our closets and we shop mindlessly. As a result, we end up with a pile of clothes that we keep on hoarding. By keeping the cycle going and selling clothes that you don’t need anymore, you help others benefit plus you create more room for newer items and trends to wear. 

This concept of shopping will change your life in so many ways. You will save more money while buying more, and actually you will find a lot of unique and different items.  Start this experience now and browse a variety of clothes on OLX.

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