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Time really does fly by, doesn’t it? It doesn’t feel like that long ago when the weather was quite cold, the skies were packed with clouds that looked like they could start raining any second now. All of a sudden though, summer is right around the corner and for many of us, that means hitting the gym trying to get that body in shape just in time for Sahel season.

In order to make the best out of your exercise though, especially if you’re main goal is building muscle mass (as opposed to simply losing weight), you would need to consume an amount of protein that is aligned with the intensity of your training. In many cases, this would involve the addition of Whey Protein to your diet.

Choosing the right whey protein product though, can sometimes be tricky due to the abundance of available brands on offer, all of which seemingly offer the same thing. So in order to help out a bit here, we decided to shed some light onto two offerings of one of the most reputable Whey Protein brands on the market which are “Gold Standard Whey” and “Gold Standard Isolate”.

Nutrition Information

Both products contain roughly 25g of Protein but when it comes to fat, Gold Standard Isolate comes with 0 g of fat while Gold Standard Whey contains around 1.3 g. below is a detailed breakdown of nutrition values per product.

Protein Content

Gold Standard Whey is made up of around 80% protein while Gold Standard Isolate takes this figure up to 90%. The reason for this extra 10% is that Gold Standard Isolate undergoes further processing during the manufacturing process resulting in  a 90% yield of ultra-pure protein.

As such, Gold Standard Isolate is usually the more convenient choice for those who are on a strictly very low carb diet.


The fact that Gold Standard Isolate comes with a lower percentage of fat and carbohydrates (as shown in the table above), it is naturally easier to digest than Gold Standard Whey. 

Fast digestion means that the muscles will have quicker access to amino acids with minimal digestive distress. This makes isolate the optimal choice for consumption around work out times.

Gold Standard Whey on the other hand involves slower digestion and is therefore better suited for consumption at times when slower releases of amino acids is preferable such as before going to bed


Gold Standard Whey is the cheaper product here and so, if you’re fine with the few extra grams of carbs and fats, this would be the logical choice considering the difference in price.

If, however you are after very specific needs and are required to cut down on fat and carb values to the absolute bare minimum, then that’s what you would get with Gold Standard Isolate.


Both products come with several flavors but Gold Standard Whey offers a much larger variety (probably because it’s the popular choice for the average consumer).

Closing comments

The purpose of this article was helping you gain some knowledge on both products. However, the decision on which product to consume (and whether or not you should consume them in the first place) would have to be discussed with your professional trainer and nutritionist so as to avoid any health-related risks.

Finally, you can find Gold Standard products listed on Dubizzle by clicking the below link 

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