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OLX is well known for its expansive ad listings mainly featuring cars, properties, as well as goods and electronics, but did you know that our 3rd biggest section is actually our jobs’ section? 

For years, hundreds of thousands of people have posted various types of vacancies on our platform trying to find the right person for the right role. 

We currently help more than a 100 thousand job seekers every month find the profession that would complete their lives. 

The million visits to our jobs section mainly browse vacancies that center around Sales, Tourism, and skilled work such as technicians but that is only a small part of the huge selection that covers healthcare, marketing, and secretarial work. 

Whether you’re just a student starting out or a long time professional switching careers after a long professional life or even just seeing what is out there for fun, OLX is a great resource for any job seeker navigating the job postings on the net. 

Employers also find our service invaluable and the 300K monthly inquiries show the interest generated by the posts and the pool of qualified individuals that keep an eye out for our jobs section.

Join them now and see what jobs are on offer

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