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Thousands of OLX users sell tons of stuff everyday, this creates a competitive environment so the need to stand out and present your ad in the best way possible is essential. Here are some pointers to help you out.

Picture Quality: is a recurring issue with most of the ads we see on OLX. Low quality cameras are part of the problem but the major issue is having the images out of focus, blurry, and with distractions from the background. Take the pics during the day with better lighting and don’t forget the interior even if there are flaws or things that need fixing in the vehicle.

Proof of Maintenance: Keep the stamps and receipts for everything! That includes the periodic maintenance trips with the dealership as well as changes in oil, filters, batteries, and other replacement parts. This proves that the car is taken care of and adds to its value.

Show-off Aftermarket Parts: People invest a lot in cars they love; many buy new parts like speakers, rims, leather seats, and plenty of others. Mentioning these improvements in the ad and documenting them using clear photos would give you an edge in pricing.

Pricing dilemma: Haggling is a way of life in Egypt, when putting a price on a car people preemptively place a high price in anticipation of negotiations. This inflates the prices and people end up not selling their car quickly, if at all. Put a non-negotiable price that fairly factors in the state and mileage of the car and give people an offer they can’t refuse.

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