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With the global rise of digital nomads and work from home culture that is now a part of many peoples’ lives, staying in the same location is not as appealing as it once was. 

Hundreds of people with flexible working conditions have opted to escape Cairo and its ever crowded streets for a spot by the beach or another country altogether. 

Also in the ever changing cityscape of Greater Cairo and its suburbs many are considering a switch from their older neighborhoods in central Cairo for bigger homes in either Sheikh Zayed or New Cairo. 

Learn about things to take into consideration when making a move whether it be solo or with your family…

Many Egyptians tend to live in the same place for most of their lives which was in turn the place their parents lived in before. 

This makes the concept of moving a relatively lesser known one for the majority of people and this translates into many not knowing the basics of packing furniture and home appliances. 

In this article we will cover the logistics of moving with the other considerations to be shared in other articles. 

If you have the money and you want to maintain your peace of mind, call professionals to do the move, they would wrap up the furniture to prevent it from being scratched, handle fragile items carefully and carry everything outside your home and deliver it to the intended location. 

If you want to do it yourself you need to bear in mind the following: 

  • Will the transport truck have enough space for everything or will you need 2 trips? 
  • Can your things fit in the entrances or exits of your current building and the new one? You might need a carpenter to break apart certain items and assemble them in another spot. 
  • Acquire carton boxes from the nearest supermarket and you won’t be sorry for getting a huge roll of bubble wrap also.
  • Are the different furniture or electric appliances going to fit the rooms and spaces of the new home? Measure before you move anything to avoid disappointments or getting stuck not knowing where to put certain items.
  • Take pictures of items and label boxes and order everything so nothing can go missing so you have a better grasp on where things are when you unpack.
  • Enlist the help of your friends, especially those with big cars, because even with the moving truck some things need extra space and a delicate touch like TVs or expensive decorations. 
  • Carry with your LEGS! Injuries are quite common when moving so have a first aid kit close by. 
  • Some compounds or neighborhoods require special permits for the moving trucks to pass through or are only allowed at certain times, so get those in advance or call the administration/police to know more about what is needed. Also arrange for a parking space for the moving truck!
  • Some items need special packing or handling, carpets can get ruined from being bent and you should keep the fridge stable and still for a few hours after a move as to stabilize the internal chemicals at work and not cause it to malfunction.  
  • Ensure the utilities like the water and electricity and internet are up and running so that you don’t waste time and keep your focus on the move itself. 

That covers the logistics part of what to consider when moving, we will go over the other considerations in another article soon.

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