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Well, they are after all, known as (Wo)Man’s best friend for a reason, right? 

They genuinely unconditionally love you (in most cases, even more than you love yourself). They display unparallel levels of loyalty and devotion. If you they ever sense that you are in trouble, they rush to your defense without a second of hesitation. We could go on forever but long story short, they possess every single characteristic one would wish to have in a true friend. 

But dogs offer so much more beyond being a good companion and below we explore a few of the benefits one would gain out of living with a dog.

Stress Relief

Dogs keep you busy and therefore, temporarily take your mind off the problems that cause you stress and in doing so, they provide you with consistent mental breaks from stress.

 It has also been scientifically proven that petting a dog triggers the release of the “Oxytocin” (a feel-good/stress reducing hormone associated with bonding and happiness) in our bodies while it lowers stress hormone “Cortisol” level.

Studies have also shown that dog owners generally have lower blood pressure than people without dogs which is a physical result of dealing with less stress or coping with a much more effective way with it.

Help with Socializing

Owning a dog means that you will be going for a lot of walks outside with your furry friend. Many of those walks would take place in dog friendly areas such as gardens or parks. During such walks you are bound to come across other dog owners walking their dogs as well.

Unlike us humans, dog who have never met before, have absolutely no problem getting up close and personal to play with each other. This helps in triggering an initial conversation between dog owners which can have a wide array of results ranging from the simple act of exchanging pleasantries with a fellow dog owner to forming a strong friendship or even becoming part of a community.

That of course is in addition to the health benefits of being consistently physically active as a result of those walks.

Responsibility and Empathy

Dogs however require consistent care; and a significant portion of your time will be spent with your them. In addition to petting and playing with your dog, will also be consistently feeding it, cleaning it, walking it and occasionally taking it to the vet among many other things.

These commitments help in instilling a strong sense of responsibility of empathy within us which would then be reflected positively in other areas of our life such as work and general human interactions for example.

In short, owning a dog can effectively enrich the quality of our lives in so many ways in addition to helping us become the best version of ourselves. If you’re looking to own a dog, you might want to consider adoption from a dog shelter. Below are some of the famous shelters in Egypt to help you get started.

Furever Rescue Foster | Giza | Facebook

Talya’s Foundation to save a soul | Giza | Facebook

Unleashed Rescue for Stray Dogs in Egypt | Facebook

Animal Protection Foundation | El-Harrânîya | Facebook

HOPE – Egyptian Baladi Rescue & Rehabilitation | Facebook

Alternatively, you can also check OLX for listings of dogs looking for a new home via the below link

Dogs in Egypt, Classifieds in Egypt | OLX Egypt

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