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There are few feelings in life that are as joyful as the one you get when you buy a brand new TV. The excitement of unboxing that usually wide box, placing the TV on the shelf or hanging it on the wall in your living room or bedroom. Connecting the cables, pressing that power button on the remote control and seeing this crystal-clear crisp image for the very first time. Truly a beautiful feeling.

 TVs however are a significant investment, especially in today’s tense economic climate. As such, you don’t walk into the shop and just buy any TV you come across. Some serious research needs to be made prior to the trip to the shop in order to make the best decision.

One of the famous points that confuse many TV buyers recently though, is whether they should go for an OLED TV or its QLED counterpart.  So we at OLX decided to help out with that.

Difference in Technology

So QLED is an improvement over the older LCD screens technology while OLED is a brand new technology altogether.

OLED stands for “Organic Light Emitting Diode” and in this technology, each individual pixel on the screen acts as its own light source. So what you see on your screen is in reality millions of tiny light bulbs that emit light and colors, both of which combine to form that image you’re looking at.

QLED on the other hand which stands for “Quantum Light Emitting Diode”, the pixels do not produce their own light as is the case with OLED. So they don’t actually emit light as the name suggests. Instead, these pixels reflect colors when they are exposed to light and it is that reflection that results in the image that forms on the screen.

Mind you, both technologies are excellent in terms of image quality, but OLED being the newer technology involves lighter and thinner screens, has higher refresh rates, sharper images and are completely blur free. On the other hand, because OLED produces its own light, it is by that very concept, limited by the amount of light it is capable of producing. QLED on the other hand, reflects light and so, if enough light is being reflected, it can provide higher color brightness levels than OLED. 

Viewing Angles

No matter which angel you’re watching an OLED from, you will get the top experience the TV is capable of providing and you shouldn’t notice any shift or dim of color. That is however not the case for QLEDs where the more extreme the viewing the angle is, the lower the viewing quality gets.

Response Time

OLED being the newer and more advanced technology, it will provide very impressive response times that surpass those which QLED can provide. This is especially evident when watching fast moving movies, sports or video games. This results in a much more immersive watching experience.

Risk of burn

Now there is a very low chance of image burn for OLEDs but its not impossible and so, it needs to be mentioned. If you’re watching the same exact thing over and over on an OLED TV, there is a very slight chance of that happening. So, for example you’re watching the same channel all the time and so, the channel logo is constantly on display in the same exact spot on the screen. There is a chance then, that the logo will burn onto the screen and will be imprinted there even when you’re watching something else. Again, this is a very low risk but has been known to happen on a number of occasions. This condition however does not exist for QLEDs.

Price Range

QLED TVs come at much more reasonable prices than OLEDs because they are an older technology and OLED does indeed provide the better overall image quality. For the casual viewer however, the gap in quality between both is quite small and so, it doesn’t really justify the gap in price ranges at the time of writing this article. Non casual viewers however who have specific needs such as gaming for example, would probably be better off paying extra for an OLED.

Luckily, both types of TVs are available at OLX. Decide which type better fits your needs and budget then check our available selections via the below links

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