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In the digital era & social media, reading became somehow outdated despite of its importance. There are some people who are not into reading, they consider it a boring activity or get distracted easily when they start to read a book, but that doesn’t mean to lose the huge benefits of reading! Audiobooks are the new reading, they have soared in popularity in the past few years, making it easier than ever to fit books into your day in new ways. Audiobooks don’t only help you listen to books consistently but also improve your listening skills and language pronunciation whether Arabic or English, enhancing your vocabulary and fluency. 

So that we have made a list for all those who are not interested in reading or too busy to read with the best audiobook apps to use.

It’s a book summarizing subscription service that’s perfect for those who are busy or those who are not into reading. It helps you grasp the main point of each book in a short time that doesn’t exceed 20 minutes, it will be your portable companion during commuting, wait time, coffee time or evening before bed. Blinkist offers 7 days trial for their premium plan then you will be charged 300 EGP per month or you can get an annual subscription for 1800 EGP which means 150 per month. starts off strong, giving you a 30-day free trial with three free audiobooks and unlimited audio entertainment. You also receive access to the exclusive VIP library, where you are able to choose two audiobooks to enjoy. Once the trial ends, you will be charged 14.95$ to get access to over 300,000 premium titles, plus exclusive features like Sleep & Meditation to improve your sleep quality.

Google Play Books is the best place to go if you search for a good audiobook app, not just because it’s FREE but also because it has a wide selection of best-selling books. You have the option to download the title or simply stream along as you listen. Personalized reading recommendations mean that you will never run out of content. 

It’s a Stockholm-based ebooks and audiobook subscription service, it’s available in more than 25 countries and different languages. They have thousands of audiobooks with titles that cover all genres in English and Arabic. If you love listening to Arabic books they have a wide selection of Arabic books in so many subjects. Storytel offers 7 days free trial but still the best subscription price which is only 90 EGP per month. 

Owned by Amazon, Audible uses a credit-based system to select titles. The app gives you easy access to more than 200,000 titles. Audible has a selection that includes today’s top titles, as well as podcasts and guided wellness. There are also exclusive Audible Originals to keep fresh content coming your way. When you choose a title, Audible lets you keep your titles forever, while other apps simply allow you to borrow them. When you are a Prime member, you get certain bonuses. To start, you receive an invitation to join Audible using an Audible Premium Plus trial. During your trial, you receive two credits, worth one title each, toward the premium library. Once the trial ends, you revert to the standard one credit per month. 

This app will be your best friend who transfers everything you need to read into audio such as web pages, Google docs, PDFs, even the text in photos! It is a mobile and desktop app that reads text aloud using a computer-generated text-to-speech voice. It offers both premium and free subscriptions. Speechify Premium includes unlimited listening, faster speeds, uploading documents, and downloading MP3s. 

Same as Blinkist, Instaread offers summaries of the best-selling books in text & audiobooks but its summaries are a bit longer than Blinkist. Overall we can’t say that Instaread key insights are more in-depth than Blinkist, it depends on the quality of insights. So we will let you decide on this concern. Instaread is not a free app but it offers 7 days trial with a good enough user experience that enables users to browse book summaries with the minimum number of features they need to read or listen to a book. 

Generally, you don’t have an excuse to skip reading, there are too many audiobook apps that you can use to listen to books regularly and feed your mind!

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