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If you were slightly following Tech world news within the past few months, then you probably know that AI technology “and in turn A.I capabilities” has been on an exponential rise. We seemingly wake up every day to find out there are more complex things A.I has become capable of doing with the utmost accuracy.

Recent Examples of A.I Progress

Take Amazon Alexa for instance, an A.I voice assistance app supported by Android and IOS. Alexa can connect to A.I supported devices and can take full control of them according to the user/owner’s preferences. The user would simply need to ask Alexa to for example turn on an oven or sound an alarm or unlock a door. It can basically control any device to which it is connected via a simple voice command from you.

Another impressive example of A.I is “ELSA Speak” which is a language education A.I App that helps people improve their English. It is basically an A.I language instructor which uses speech data and voice recognition technology to listens to a user’s accent after which it would use a color-coded system of red, yellow, and green to identify how close the pronounced words are to the proper pronunciation. Not only that, but it also provides audio tips to the user to achieve better articulation after analyzing their speech.

Those are just two examples of a large pool of A.I apps just to give you an idea of what A.I is capable of these days.

The Next Big thing: Chat GPT

So, until recently, A.I while still being impressive was to a large extent single purposed. Meaning you would have A.I apps that focus on a specific category such as education, personal assistant, healthcare…. etc.

Well not anymore…

On November 30, 2022, OpenAI (which is an AI research and deployment company) released an AI Chat bot which is famously known now as “Chat GPT” and it has taken the world by storm ever since it exploded onto the tech scene.

What is Chat GPT?

At first glance, Chat GPT might seem like a regular chat bot which many of you interact with on websites when seeking customer support.

This however couldn’t be further from the truth. It has in fact been trained by artificial intelligence and machine learning which grants it the ability to provide information and answer questions through a regular lifelike conversation with humans.

According to an official statement released by Open AI, “We’ve trained a model called ChatGPT, which interacts in a conversational way. The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.”

What can Chat GPT currently do?

At the time of writing this article though, Chat GPT can do so much more than simply conducting life like conversations with humans, which mind you is already an impressive feat. Below is just a small glimpse of the various things Chat GPT can currently do.

School/University Assignments

Chat GPT is an incredibly smart AI system and school/university students have already started using it to generate perfectly written Essays and solve complex math problems.  You only need to feed the AI with the requirement parameters of an assignment, and it takes it from there. For school students, this use is ideally best regulated by parents though to ensure students still receive the intended educational value from school.


Chat GPT is perfect for programming as it is fully capable of writing code as well as debugging it for errors. Chat GPT doesn’t just debug but it would also explain what the problem was along with the fix. This literally saves countless hours for programmers in addition to providing  massive educational value.

Short story writing

Because Chat GPT is capable of conducting life like conversations, it is similarly able to come up with logical short stories. It is not yet at a level where it can generate literature that is comparable with novels, but it can produce a perfectly legitimate children bedtime story.

What is the future looking like?

Well, it’s a mixture of excitement, fear and concern.

On one hand, the future looks very promising for businesses with Chat GPT (and Chat bots in general) becoming smarter, more natural, more accessible and hence more capable of handling complex tasks independently.

On the other hand, as Chat bots are growing more sophisticated at a very fast rate, they can potentially eventually fully take over human jobs such as website building, architecture and journalism among many other fields. This is a growing concern among many employees who may feel the need to develop a skillset that chat bots are not associated with (yet).

Also Chat bots being able to conduct life like conversations means it can develop into simulating what may feel like personal human biases which could in turn, spell big trouble once chat bots are advanced enough to be deployed in sensitive decision-making areas. A very legitimate fear at least until solid evidence that this would not happen is provided.

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