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Summer is over but that doesn’t mean you can’t extend your beach time and travel adventures throughout winter. Egypt is blessed with several magical destinations, thanks to its strategic location that makes it the perfect country to visit all year round. Whether you seek a serene getaway to unwind, a fun-filled and adventurous break, or an exploration of ancient wonders, here’s a compiled list of destinations that will fill your winter with warmth.

  • Dahab

If you want to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and the beauty of nature in a laidback and simple lifestyle, Dahab is the place to be. Meaning ‘gold’ in English, Dahab is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. The golden sandy beaches with the picturesque backdrop of mountains are things you would enjoy surrounding yourself with. Worth mentioning that Dahab has one of Egypt’s top diving spots, the Blue Hole. The beauty of this city lies in its simplicity and the warmth of its people. It is pet-friendly so you will notice dogs and cats walking around or even sitting next to you at the beach. Don’t forget to shop for the local market there, there are a lot of good finds.

  • Sharm El Sheikh

A lively and vibrant city and one of the best destinations that always hosts a lot of tourists. Sharm El Sheikh is known for its amazing beaches and diving experiences as well as the variety of entertainment venues. So, you can have all the beach fun in the morning then take the night to another level of partying and entertainment. You can also enjoy a safari, a yacht trip, a Bedouin dinner, and a lot more activities.

  • Hurghada

Another splendid destination in the Red Sea. Hurghada has a lot to enjoy and experience. With a variety of renowned resorts and hotels for both families and adults only, you can have your vacation your way. Enjoy water sports and activities or take a boat trip to Giftun Island to relish an unforgettable snorkeling experience. Add Hurghada Museum to the list of things to do while there, and at night enjoy the light breeze down the Marina with a lot of shops and cafes.

  • Luxor & Aswan

It goes without saying, these two cities are at the top of must-see destinations in Egypt, and it is for a reason; you can soak up the golden rays of the sun for as long as 8 hours in winter. Home to half of the world’s monuments, Luxor and Aswan will take you back in time on a trip of rich history and civilization.  Learn about the ancient history of pharaohs, lose yourself amidst the majesty of the temples, or enjoy spellbinding sunsets by the bank of the Nile while sipping tea. You will also love the warm, and hospitable spirit of the Nubian people and their culture. 

  • Siwa Oasis

A therapeutic getaway for the mind, body, and soul. Located in the Western Desert of Egypt, Siwa is a paradise of palm trees and salt lakes. Leave your troubles away while you relax in the healing moon pools and salt lakes as if you float on a different world. Sandboarding is also one of the best activities you can enjoy in Siwa. For some discovery, visit Shali Fortress, a 13th-century fortress built from salt, rocks, and clay overlooking marvelous


Sahl Hasheesh

Only 18 kilometers away from Hurghada International Airport, Sahl Hasheesh is a small resort for those who are looking for tranquility and peace. It is an ideal getaway for relaxation while absorbing the beauty and magic of the Red Sea. Being surrounded by many islands, Sahl Hasheesh is a great place for diving and it has a lot of coral reefs. 

Marsa Nayzak

Imagine swimming in a natural pool of deep turquoise water. What can be more magical? Located 14 kilometers away from Marsa Alam, this spell-binding place is the creation of what is thought to be a fallen comet forming a beautiful natural pool. It is an experience you will never forget.

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