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We here at OLX hope that you are never in a dangerous situation but with knowledge comes power and that power can just save your life in a traffic-related emergency. 

Prevention is always best, so before you travel or take a road you don’t know well, make sure you check your tires (INCLUDING THE SPARE) and travel early in the morning or evening when the asphalt is cooler. 

  1. When your tire explodes the first thing is: DON’T PANIC! Sudden moves would make a bad situation worse and a turn in the wrong direction could mean zero control of your car. 
  2. Braking is dangerous. Let the car slow down by itself and only accelerate by pushing the gas pedal very lightly to keep the car steady.
  3. Try to steer to the side of the road while putting on the emergency lights so that people are aware that you’re in trouble. 
  4. As the car finally comes to a stop, try changing the tire and assess if there is any damage to the car and if it doesn’t drive well i.e. going off in a particular direction, then it might be better to call a mechanic or tow car and not drive that car until a professional check it. 

In closing, keeping a cool head and being aware of your surroundings is paramount to making it out safe.

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