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Nothing beats the greatness of having an iced coffee to refresh yourself and cool down in this hot weather, especially in the afternoon. Coffee lovers will know what we talk about very well. Sometimes we need caffeine and dessert simultaneously. These are some of the iced coffees that will send shivers up your spine. 

Con Helado – CAF 

That creamy texture of the coffee shake topped with mini ice cream sandwiches that you will fall for it from the first sip.

Blended Iced Latte – Seven Fortunes

If you want a strong sweet iced coffee; you have to try this toasty roasty flavor of seven fortunes coffee blended with milk, sweetened syrup and ice to let you enjoy the creamy yet watery texture that will not only nourish your taste buds but also elevate your mood for the rest of the day. 

Shaken Double Espresso Shot – Starbucks

This kind of coffee is for those who believe in simplicity and take “less is more” as a life principle. It’s a double espresso shot shaken with sweetened whipped cream and milk and tossed with a generous amount of ice cubes.

Espresso Cream – TBS 

It’s not just a coffee, it’s an ice cream thing, a heavy creamy texture of espresso that will melt in your mouth and make your taste buds happy and super satisfied.

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