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We girls love trends and love to be fashionable and edgy but there are some essentials that should exist in any girl’s wardrobe whether to wear it alone or to compile with any other piece of clothing you will buy or already have. 

These are some essentials you will need for everyday wearing during summer: 

White Shirt 

Whether you’re a hijabi girl or not you can’t ignore the importance of a white shirt on these hot days, it’s basic yet elegant and gives a neat look every time you wear it. In addition to being easy to style with any other piece you have. 

Boyfriend Jeans

When the weather is hot, tight, and restrictive skinny jeans can be a nightmare, boyfriend jeans are a summer essential. Casual, comfy, and cool, these relaxed pants project the perfect vibe for the sunny season. Just remember to opt for summery shades of blue instead of dark, wintery black.

Shirt Dress

It’s an all-time piece of clothes that is suitable for everywhere, every time whether you’re heading to the office, staying on the beach or going to an evening casual outing with friends, the shirt dress will be an excellent choice and doesn’t need any additional piece to complement it, it’s perfect alone!

White Sneakers

You can’t survive without the minimalistic pair of white sneakers which complement any outfit and give a fresh neat look to your feet. 

Two Straps Sandal

Give your feet a vacation from the closed-toe shoes during summer to avoid overheating and have these flattering two straps sandals to add an elegant and feminine look to your outfit. 

Carryall Tote Bag

Actually, it’s not just a summer essential, it’s all seasons essential to any girl who’s going out everyday and stays long hours out. The large spacious bag that will carry all your stuff. 

Coloured Dress/ Skirt/ Wide Pants

No summer wardrobe can be considered complete without a pop of color. Don’t forget to have at least one piece of each (skirt, dress, wide pants) with vibrant and catchy color. They are not only trendy and essential during summer but also a comfy and relaxed type of clothes to beat the hot weather heat in style. 

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