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When you think of France, you may think about fine restaurants, beautiful beaches, delightful scents fragrances but cars? Not much. Actually, France may be famous for a lot of great stuff but not cars, however, they had a clear influence over the whole automotive industry. They presented to the world some of the best cars in the global market, they also have been famous for manufacturing sportive cars that are being used by athletes who participate in car marathons to break records. Eventually, when we talk about cars we must mention French cars at the forefront of the list and if you think about buying a new car you should consider it in your options not just because of its reasonable prices but also for the quality it offers you. In this article, we will take you through the pros & cons of French cars then leave you to decide. 



1- Innovation and singularity in design and manufacturing; you will notice that each car generation comes up with evolved features that haven’t existed in the prior ones. 

2- Reasonable prices compared to other brands that offer the same quality. 

3- French cars are known for their eccentric designs and maybe this is why most athletes use them during marathons to get attention. 



1-Most French car bodies are lightweight hence they are not stable on the road. 

2- They have some problems with cars’ electricity and repair fees are so high. 

3- Poor quality engine in some generations that reduces the performance of the car and its mechanical energy during driving. 

4- Although this con is mentioned in the pros, there are some French car designs that went too far with their odd designs which are not appealing for consumers. 

Whether you agree or disagree with the French cars, they are one of the most demanded cars in the global market especially after they developed their manufacturing in the latest years. If you think about purchasing a French car you can find all types of cars on OLX

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