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As part of dubizzle ongoing efforts to improve their services and offer their customers the best possible experience through their platform. dubizzle have recently embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration with Carofi, a premier car financing and insurance solutions platform. This strategic partnership brings together dubizzle’s extensive online automotive marketplace and Carofi’s innovative financial solutions platform to simplify the car-buying process. 

The dubizzle and Carofi collaboration aims to change the daunting car purchasing process by integrating Carofi’s expertise in automotive funding and car insurance  with dubizzle’s vast online marketplace, they have created a seamless end-to-end platform that simplifies the entire car buying journey. 

Through this partnership users can buy their desired car on dubizzle whether it’s new or used, and take the fund through Carofi only with their national ID, no paperwork and payment plans start from 0% down payment and up to 30% with an interest that starts from 11.5%. This collaborative approach not only saves time but also enhances the overall user experience by providing a holistic solution to the intertwined challenges of car purchasing decision making. 

No doubt that this partnership will reshape the automotive sellers experience by offering buyers a car financing and insurance when they buy their car from dubizzle, which significantly means they can sell their cars faster.

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