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So, we’re all probably familiar with the term coding at this point, especially for those of us who are in the Tech field. For those who aren’t though, coding is basically the main skill associated with software development. Coding is what Software developers do to create all kinds of software. They do so using various coding languages such as Java, Python, C++ among many others.

Software has become so deeply integrated into our lives that it’s very hard to imagine life without it. All companies use software to run their internal and external operations as well as conduct their business. Also on a personal level, we all use software every day. Checking a social media app such as Instagram for instance, online shopping via Amazon or watching something on Netflix….etc. It’s all software.

Accordingly, and taking into consideration the rapid development in Technology during the past decade or so, coding was one of the absolute most valuable skills an individual could ever possess in order to find a job -and hopefully success- within the Tech world.

The Capabilities of Modern-day AI

We have all however witnessed the sudden explosive emergence of Artificial Intelligence onto the Tech scene (be sure to check our article discussing the recent rise of AI for more details on that, you can find it at The Rise of Artificial Intelligence, Chat GPT – dubizzle).

AI has developed the capability to very accurately carry out very complex tasks and operations which until recently, could have only been done by humans. Coding is part of those tasks and so, like many other jobs and/or skills, the future of their demand status and whether or not they shall be full taken over by AI, is currently up for debate.

A Look into the Potential Future

As we attempting to place future predictions, we do so using today’s available evidence. With the very rapid changes in the Tech world though, our predictions can completely change from one day to another. That’s just the dynamic nature of this field.

It would however by naive to ignore the considerable probability that AI will take over many of the jobs that we as humans carry out today. Coding is one of those jobs that AI is expected to at least take over a significant portion of.

It is a scenario that current and future software developers, those who specialize in coding in particular,  would be wise to prepare for today.


Broaden the Skillset

Until recently, being very good at coding was enough to secure yourself a job in one of the many companies within the world of Tech. Today, it would be a good strategy to study the capabilities of coding that AI has mastered and is expected to master. Check if there are areas which are beyond the reach of AI (preferably on the long term) and focus on deepening your knowledge and skills there.

Complement you coding skills with other human skills such as communication& collaboration skills, management and leadership skills, education skills….etc. These are all key buzzwords within Tech companies and hence, are in demand traits but ones that are not associated with AI (at the time of writing this article).


Final Verdict

At this moment, AI is not expected to fully take over coding, but it will most definitely take over significant portions of the job scope, especially tasks that can easily be automated. The part of the job that involves creativity, strategy and innovation should for the time being however, remain with the software developer. AI capabilities are advancing by the day though and so, the software developers should continue to upskill in both coding skills as well as non-coding skills as explained earlier to remain relevant and in demand.

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