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Gone are the days of the indestructible Nokia phones that lasted for years, now with a greater demand for performance because of games and cooler apps more space and power are needed to keep your cellphone working smoothly according to your wishes.

We will be covering the following attributes more closely in the future but for now this is an overview of the main features that you should bear in mind when buying a new phone.

Processor: With cell phones acting as mini computers for work and play, a good processor is something to keep an eye out for, the most notable next gen processor series are Snapdragon, Exynos (Smasung), the Apple A Bionic series, and the Dimensity from MediaTek.

Battery: Depending on how much you use your mobile day to day the battery capacity is a make or break attribute for new mobiles with some lasting over a couple of days and others needing a power bank or two on hand throughout the day.

Memory: In the world of cloud data storage this aspect is not as prevalent as it was before as most phones come with an internal memory of at least 120 GB which is great for having your phone functional despite the thousands of useless videos and memes sent by your aunt on the family whatsapp group.

Camera: In the past you would assume that a camera with a lot of Megapixels is the best, but not anymore, lens focus and range and depth are new characteristics to look out for as well as night mode reviews of the phone you’re considering would give you a real expectation of how nice your future selfies will be.

RAM: For games and performance new phones should not be any less than 6 GB of RAM with mid-range phones using 8 GB and higher end ones using 12GB of RAM.

OS: Whether you’re Team Android or Team Apple or if you’re looking to make a switch (Which you can read more about here) deciding on one or the other will make for a different experience for you. Check if your computer and external devices are compatible with the new iOS you’re switching too to avoid disappointments.

Size and weight: While we can judge if a screen is too little or if a phone is too bulky if you’re physically in a shop with many people opting for online purchases check out the specs of the phone and compare it to your older one to make an informed decision.

Audio Jack: If you wish to keep it old school with wired headphones or speakers then beware as many 3.5mm jacks are being discontinued in many models so switching to a new bluetooth alternative might be in the cards.

Charger Slot: If you have older USB micro charger cables switching to a newer Type C phone would make all your old chargers and cables useless so bear that in mind when getting a new phone. Also if you want to live in the future you can get the phones that come with air chargers and you can skip messing with broken cables and short wires.

5G Ready?: Ready for the future? If you plan to keep this phone for the long term then getting one that is 5G ready is a must even though it is not prevalent at the moment but these things seem to change overnight. NFC technology is something one should look out for if you fancy charging your bus card with your mobile or paying wirelessly.

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