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Despite the huge development in mobile phone and tab technology throughout the last decade or so, using a laptop is still quite essential. There are however quite a few factors that should help you determine the type of laptop you need. These factors mainly include your budget, the intended use of the laptop (business, home use, gaming…etc) and just as importantly, the reputation of the laptop manufacturer/brand in the market.

So let us take a quick look at a few of the leading names within the world of Laptop brands and help you decide which would be the best choice for you


Well, we had to start with one of the generally most attractive choices on offer. Apple is known for their focus on innovation both from a hardware and software standpoint. Apple laptops just simply feel exceptionally well built and that includes their entry level models like the Mac Book Air. It is however also one of the priciest brands on offer, so value for money can be a bit relative according to your needs. Apple  Laptops target audience is mainly business professional, especially those in graphics design.

Key Models

  • MacBook Air: Probably the ideal option for day-to-day casual users. It is the cheapest Macbook on offer and is quite portable due to its light weight. It offers 15 hours of battery life. It is however not recommended for graphics intense tasks.
  • MacBook Pro 13: Provides a good balance between style and processing power. It comes equipped with a magic Keyboard along with a touch bar. It also comes with Apple’s M1 processor or an intel core i5 depending on the Pro model. It comes at a significantly higher price than the MacBook Air but is relatively mid budget option for video or image editing work.
  • MacBook Pro 16: Generally, the best but also the most expensive Apple MacBook. It has the highest specs of all models making it the best choice for resource demanding workloads and applications. It also comes with a 16-inch screen.


One of the most established names in the laptop world with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing laptops and personal computers among other things. Dell offers something for everyone with a wide range of models such as Inspirion, XPS and G series which target general business use while the G-series & Alienware lineup is designed specifically for gaming. Dell has a broad market audience which ranges from students to business professionals and personal use as well as hardcore gamers.

Key Models

  • Inspirion: The standard Dell offering. They are generally dependable work laptops but do not offer anything special compared to other offerings on the market.
  • Latitude series: Business oriented machines that priorities functionality above everything else and is therefore mainly aimed at corporate enterprises, healthcare, and government institutes.
  • XPS series: Dell’s answer to Apple’s MacBook, they are windows devices that offer very high performance and combines it with a slim stylish design and light weight.
  • G-Series/Alienware: These are laptops that are exclusively aimed at the gaming community and as such, come with dedicated graphics cards and high-end processors (such as 13ᵗʰ Gen Intel® Core™ i7-13650HX).


A Chinese brand that announced itself onto the laptop scene with a very strong statement in 2005 when it purchased IBM’s personal computer division which includes the infamous “Thinkpad” laptop. Lenovo are famous for their durable laptops which are known for their ability to withstand knocks as well as other environmental conditions such as extreme temperature, vibration, and humidity. Lenovo Laptops target audience is similar to Dell in broadness where it also caters to needs to students, businesses, personal use and gamers as well.

Key Models

  • ThinkPad: The target audience here is mainly business users. ThinkPad laptops specs are specifically designed for day-to-day document, spread sheet web work.
  • Idea Pad: Is Lenovo’s standard offering which is more of a consumer-oriented laptop.  It generally provides good overall performance, comes with a USB-C port and an integrated fingerprint scanner.

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