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For the past decade or so, photography has been a very popular activity among people all over the world and interest in this activity has been -and still is- continuously growing with little signs of slowing down. 

The interest of people in photography comes in all sorts of forms where some view it as a fun hobby that serves as an escape from the stress of everyday life. Others do it as a freelance job where it either serves as an additional source of income or the main source. Then there are those who go completely professional and make a fully-fledged career out of it.

In order to get the best results, you naturally need to have a degree of skill and talent, but you also need to use hardware that helps you channel all that skill and talent onto your photographs. 

As such, we’ve decided to help you with that part in particular and accordingly, prepared a quick comparison between 2 household names in the world of photography to help you make the best choice.

3 Main Advantages of Canon over Nikon

Lens Design: Canon is arguably the best name on the Market when it comes to lens design, not just compared to Nikon but pretty much any other camera manufacturer in the world. Canon’s RF glass lenses are designed to produce mirrorless quality images in a manner that was simply not possible at one point in time. However, such quality unfortunately comes at a cost thus not making it an ideal choice for limited budgets.

Customer Service: Canon are renowned for their world class customer service, branded by many as the best in the industry. Canon as a brand, has gained and kept the trust of photographers all over the world due to their ability to consistently provide them with whatever they need to continue producing high quality images.

Instant Cloud Storage: is Canon’s cloud storage system. Once it is configured on a compatible camera, all captured images are instantly backed up and uploaded on Canon servers after which they can be synchronized across other devices. This may be a normal feature for mobile phones but is quite new for professional cameras. 

3 Main Advantages of Nikon over Canon

Cost: For all our praise of Canon’s mirrorless image quality because of their lens design, it does come with a hefty price tag. Nikon on the other hand still produces excellent quality images that are more than enough for most photographers but a significantly lower price range. In most cases, the gap in quality does not justify the difference in the price tag making Nikon a more appealing choice to go for in most cases.

4K video: Both Cameras are of course capable of recording 4k video but Nikon allows full usage of the entire range of the lens when shooting 4k videos while Canon does not resulting in severe crops that may prevent you from capturing the full width of the intended video.

Zoom Range: Nikon affords its users incredible zoom range that can go up to 125x. This allows you to literally zoom in on other planets and film them in 4k which is a level of zoom reach that Canon cannot match.

Final Verdict

Both Canon and Nikon are two excellent Camera manufacturers in their own right and you can’t really go wrong with either of them. Canon has however seemingly invested more in their R&D and thus, do provide a product that produces higher quality output than that of Nikon.

Having said that, the gap in quality is probably negligible for semi-professionals and people who view photography as  a hobby. Those would be better off with Nikon due to the significant difference in cost.

As for top professionals who absolutely need the highest quality current hardware can provide, then they should probably go with Canon.

Regardless which group you belong to, you should be able to find what you’re looking for at OLX vie the below links.

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