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After the OLX Group and EMPG merger things have not been the same at OLX Egypt. As part of the deal, Emerging Markets Property Group is taking the lead with the handling of OLX Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, and UAE as well as several other platforms around the world.

When Emerging Markets Property Group (EMPG) took over the day-to-day running of OLX Egypt (among many other OLX websites across the region) a change was in order, migrating from our previous system to a new one…

This entailed OLX Egypt changing much of the tech stuff behind the surface, such as servers and the like, prompting a face lift as well not just to change our appearance and logos but to truly provide a faster and smoother user experience on our apps and website.

The changes are aimed at providing a new base for the new services and the improved older features in the pipeline promising a real upgrade for our users and how they interact and make deals with each other.

The new and improved infrastructure is a start for many great things OLX wants to share with its users so stay tuned for more on our migration and new features…

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