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Ever since Karl Benz invented the first automobile powered by a gas engine, Germany has been recognized as one of the leading countries in the automotive industry through its innovative cars with excellent engineering. They presented the best car brands in the world starting with Mercedes Benz passing by WolksVagen to Opel. 


No one can deny that German cars are one of the most reliable, innovative and well-designed cars, although they have some flaws, they remain the most demanded cars worldwide. 


In this article, we will list five major pros to purchasing a German car, whilst also looking at the negative side of things with five cons to buying one as well.




1- The robust outer shape makes it stable on the road and safe during driving. 

2- The Luxurious design that makes people turn their heads is something admirable to all car drivers. 

3- High-performance engine.

4- Innovative design and quality of manufacturing. 

5- While most car manufacturers consider the power and speed of the vehicle, Germany comes to offer drivers a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience through its comfy car seats and suitable space inside the car. 




1- It’s pricey in comparison with other car brands but it’s understandable because of the quality it offers. 

2- It consumes a lot of benzine and this doesn’t make it a money saver for some people who look forward to a car to decrease financial burdens. 

3- Poor quality tires, but this con doesn’t exist in all German cars; so you need to check them first when you buy one. 

5- High maintenance expense; because it’s a very innovative car, it needs to be repaired by authorized automotive centers.  

Generally, those who buy German cars are searching for luxury, comfort and singularity, although there are some people who dislike them. Buying one is always something worth considering because of the impressive features that make them stand out amongst other car brands. If you consider buying a German car or searching for spare parts for your German one OLX by Dubizzle has everything you need.

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