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In this increasingly stress infested world we live in; it has become quite important for us to find an escape on a regular basis. A stress-free time which we spend pursuing a hobby we enjoy during which we experience a sense of much needed serenity and tranquility.

Now when it comes to hobbies, one of the most popular things that come to mind is playing a musical instrument. Ever since the dawn of time, the human brain has been hard wired and designed to derive pleasure from listening to music. Music is one of the oldest triggers of joy and happiness to humans and is known to have a near instant effect when it comes to improving our mental state.

Playing music as opposed to simply listening would offer a higher degree of engagements resulting in an even much deeper experienced than what is described above in addition to a few more advantages as described below.

General Physical Benefits

Playing a musical instrument can surprisingly have a very significant effect on your physical condition. For instance, when playing a wind instrument such as a flute, it will necessitate engaging in breathing exercise which actually results in various benefits such as improved Oxygen saturation, improved immunity and strengthening of respiratory muscles among many others.  Other instruments such as the guitar for example improve posture as well as strengthen arms, shoulders and fingers.

Additionally, playing any kind of instrument has a huge impact when it comes to improving your coordination and multi-sensory skills as different parts of your brain are signaling commands to different part of your body simultaneously but in complete harmony to create the music being played.

General Mental Benefits

Of course, the benefit of playing music is not limited to your physical condition, it has a similar if not an even greater effect on your mental and emotional well-being. Playing music can have an almost therapeutic effect on us where studies have shown that it can lead to reduced anxiety, lower blood pressure and heart rate resulting in a general state of mental calmness. 

Social Benefits

Learning a musical instrument would in many cases involve joining a class where you would get to meet other like-minded individuals who are there for the same goal. Such classes are an excellent environment for meeting new people and forming new friendships. These friendships -in many cases- would eventually not only be limited to the class as you can later play music together once you reach the necessary skill level.

In many cases, you can even form a band and start actually monetizing the skill you’ve learned in addition to the social benefits.

Ability to Learn 

Playing a musical instrument improves the brain’s mental performance and its ability to focus and memorize information. To the brain, playing music consistently is in a sense, quite comparable to physical exercise to the body because playing music continuously leverages many of the brain’s functions such as problem solving, decision making and information retention. The more frequent its being done, the stronger the impact on the brain.  

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