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Summer just flew by – as it so usually does- huh? One second, it’s mid-June and you’re digging out the summer outfits which were buried deep within your closet for the past 8 months, 2 blinks of an eye later and Autumn is just around the corner.

Oh well it’s the same old story each year, so let’s not dwell on it more than we should. Instead, let’s see how we can make the best of the upcoming winter season, shall we?

Winter is coming

Weather will slowly but surely start to grow colder and before you know it, outdoor activities will be a thing of the past. A significant portion of our time will be spent staying home tucked in bed or on the couch beneath layers and layers of blankets in front of the TV while its freezing (and possibly raining) outside.

So, if we’re stuck at home anyway (and in front of TV I might add), we might as well make the most of it, right? It’s the perfect time to empty up some space on that TV shelf for a video game console if you don’t own one already.

Is it really worth the investment though?

The short answer to this question would be “Absolutely yes!!” but don’t take our word for it, read on to understand more.

Now imagine you’re watching this great movie; the casting is just perfect, and the actors are all giving a masterful performance. The plot is amazing, the story is so gripping you can’t take your eyes off the screen. The on-screen action is delivered with absolute perfection regardless of its nature (horror, drama, romance…etc). Sounds great, right? But what if we were to add one additional element to what we described above? What if we add the element of “Control”!

You see, that’s what Video games will give you in addition to everything we mentioned above. The video game industry has flourished throughout the past decade and actually, Videogames became a bigger industry than movies and North American sports “combined“, thanks to the pandemic.

With such business growth, video game publishers and studios became more than capable of producing games with stories, plots and voice acting that are on par with the biggest Hollywood blockbusters.

Playing a video game has never been this close to watching a movie in terms of visual quality and plot excellence. Some of the stories are so good that they are being adapted into movies and series instead of the other way around (“Resident evil” being a perfect example). 

Now back to the control element, well it adds a whole new dimension of immersion that movies simply cannot deliver. You are no longer a spectator following the story from the outside. You literally “ARE” the hero of the story and the decisions you make decide what direction the story flows towards. You create your own character and mold it into shape according to your personal preference. For the duration of your videogame session, you are whoever you want to be boundless of any limitations. You want to be Batman? No problem. James bond? Why not? Marvels Avengers? Sure… you get the gist.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about our sports fans. Now let’s imagine that you -like many of us- are a football fan. You love watching your favorite team play, you’re heartbroken when they lose, you’re full of joy when they win and you’re ecstatic when they score a goal. Well, imagine how it would feel if you’re able to recreate those magical moments again at will but this time, it’ll be you controlling the action? It’ll be you making that neat pass, that slick dribble, that last minute shot into the top right corner to win the match.

Football was just an example; you can find a video game that simulates almost any sport that exists today.

Its not just limited to video games though

Videogame consoles -contrary to what their name suggests- can offer so much more than that nowadays. You can download all sorts of apps on videogame consoles such as Spotify, Youtube, NetFlix, Amazon Prime….etc. It can do pretty much anything your phone or smart TV can.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Now you’re probably wondering where can I buy me one of those? Luckily, we at OLX have got you covered there, you can visit the links below to check our currently available videogame consoles, games and accessories.

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