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No, we don’t mean kite surfing (as fun as it must be, its certainly quite known and is by no means a “hidden gem”). We meant surfing as in a wave surfing. More on that in a minute.

So lets face it, we can at times struggle in Egypt to come up with fun activities to do that do not involve trying out a new pizza place or burger joint. A big chunk of our activities just seem to revolve around food one way or another.

So if you’re seeking a refreshing change from that and you’re looking for a fun (and healthy activity), you just might want to give surfing a try.

Are there places in Egypt that teach surfing though?

There certainly are! One of the famous ones would have to be SurfCamp Egypt (Instagram @surfcampegypt).

SurfCamp Egypt started small back in 2010 in Agami by a bunch of surf enthusiasts who had learned the sport both locally and in other international surf locations. It was just a small shack in the beach where they taught people for fun, it wasn’t even a business back then.

Fast forward 12 years later, Surfcamp Egypt has branches in three prime locations in the north coast and expanded its instructor base from a small handful to 20+ team members who deliver a full blown surfing curriculum. SurfCamp Egypt has also been qualified earlier this year (2022) by the ISA (International Surfing Association) and as a result, Egypt became a member of the ISA.

This paves the way for the formation of a local Egyptian surfing federation that would in turn enable Egypt as a country to compete in international surfing competitions.

Why would you try surfing?

Now enough with the history lesson, the more important question here is “why” would you give surfing a shot? Well, for starters, surfing is good for your body. During surfing, you are exercising most of the muscles in your body, some of which you probably never knew even existed. It is by all means a full body exercise. Regular surfing keeps you in top physical condition.

Surfing is also quite therapeutic, when surfing, you are as closely in contact with nature as you can ever be. you’re in the middle of the endless sea and when you look around its mostly crystal blue water, endless bright skies, a few clouds and a sun shining or setting. The type of scenery that can sooth even the most anxious of minds. When you take the surfboard into the water, your problems fail to go in with you.

The feeling you get when you’re riding a wave is unfortunately one that simply cannot be described with mere words. But if I have to try, I’d say it is a perfect balance of pure serenity and an adrenaline rush, somehow these two very different sensations combine to create an indescribable state of bliss.

Surfing is all about community. You get to meet all types of people from different backgrounds and age groups. Surfing is an inclusive sport that accommodates anyone who is passionate about it. Once we’re in the water, our differences dissolve into the sea and we’re mostly pretty much the same. Just people who want to have fun riding waves till we completely run out of energy.

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