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When it comes to designing your home, there are several factors to keep in mind to make sure you are using the space efficiently. When it comes to big houses, it is easier to fill large space with furniture and decorative items to make it look cozier. However, the tricky part is how to make a small house look bigger and more functional. If you are in the process of decorating a small house and feel that you are stuck with ideas to make it look more spacious, these clever tricks and easy fixes will be of great help.

  • Clear out all the clutter.

First and foremost, nothing makes a space look cramped and small like having too much unnecessary stuff. Go through everything in your house and get rid of what you don’t use. For whatever is left, consider keeping them arranged out of sight in closets or organized in storage boxes. This will make your place look neat, and more soothing for your eyes.

  • Avoid large furniture

Bulky furniture pieces will take so much of your room space. Instead go for simple, sleek pieces that are proportional to the size of your room. Another tip, is to leave a bit of space between furniture and not to place the pieces too tight and compacted.

  • Keep the furniture lower towards the ground.

Furniture that is lower towards the ground will create the illusion of a bigger room simply because of all the space it leaves above them. But to make the best of this trick, need to go for off-the-floor furniture. For instance, off-the-floor sofas will make create a sense of openness, unlike sofas that touch the floor.

  • Use mirrors.

When it comes to small space, the use of mirrors plays a great role in making a room look bigger. Reflecting the view of the room, mirrors create the illusion of depth and space. You can position the mirrors opposite the windows to reflect light and the view outside. Also, you can place mirrors at the end of a corridor to create the illusion of more length.

  • Go for light paint colors.

Dark paint colors make the rooms look smaller. Instead, opt for light colors such as white or cream. These shades simplify the overall look and emphasize the furniture. Additionally, these shades are reflective and will make your house look open and airy. If you don’t like white or cream alone, you can match them with another pastel color light blue, faded green, or light ash rose.

  • Go for plain upholstery 

When it comes to furniture upholstery and drapes, bold prints, striking colors, and too many patterns are one of the biggest mistakes you need to avoid in small spaces. Switch them for plain, solid colors and try not to put so many colors together. To take plain upholstery up a notch, go for textured fabrics instead.

  • Remove the drapes.

Drapes not only eliminate the view outside, but they also make the room look tighter and more stuffed. While privacy is a concern, swap drapes with shutters. If you still prefer drapes go for ones in lightweight fabrics such as sheer curtains. They will add a breezy, airy touch to your room.

When you incorporate those tricks and ideas together in your house, you will be able to transform the overall look to become more spacious. Check OLX for a variety of furniture options that will help you create the home of your dreams.

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