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Everyone wants to feel cozier, warmer, and comfier in their space. With winter around the corner, we spend most of our time at home as opposed to summer where we hang out and spend a lot of time outdoors. While all of us will soon seek a hideaway from the cold in the comfort of our homes, whether a mansion, an apartment, or a studio, it is time we give our homes a facelift to make them warmer, not just in terms of temperature but in ambiance too. You do not need to invest a lot of money in a total seasonal makeover, these simple tips will do.

  • Incorporate more texture and fabric.

In general, texture adds warmth. You might have painted your room in warm colors, but then adding texture, takes your space to a whole new level of a warmer feeling. In winter, switch your light throws with thicker ones in fur, fleece, or knitted wool. As for the pillows, switch for patterns such as tartan which is one of the most patterns associated with winter and consider materials like velvet. Also, add more layers to your bedding and of course do not forget thicker rugs.

  • Add scented candles.

Scented candles put us in such a relaxed and calm mood, hence, they are essential for this time of the year. Go for winter scents such as spicy cinnamon or vanilla as they both make the atmosphere warmer. Additionally, scented candles will give your room a soft glow. Most importantly, never leave a lit candle unattended, especially around kids or pets. Also, for better air quality go for clean-burning candles made from soy wax.

  • Switch to warmer and softer lighting.

Lighting plays a big role in the overall feel of your space. In winter, you need to switch your cool lighting to warmer one to make your home more relaxing, inviting, and cozier. Neon tubes are the worst all year round and especially in winter as they make any space look cold. Instead, switch to bulbs with a warmer color temperature. Dimmed and indirect lights are great options, so you need to place lampshades around some corners of your room.

  • Cozy up the tables.

Dress up your bare table with a runner for the colder time of the year. As we first said, the more the texture the warmer the feel. You can either add a normal table runner or a very thin and light blanket. Another tip, replace your colorful flower centerpieces with pinecones and scented candles which are both the perfect pair for the festive season.

  • Buy a portable fireplace.

You don’t have to have a built-in fireplace to enjoy the beauty of it. You can buy a portable fireplace that creates exactly the same effect. Not only does it ward off this chilly cold weather but it also will make your house feel very cozy. Those portable fireplaces run on electricity and are completely safe.

  • Recreate a corner into a reading nook.

Now that you will be spending more time at home it is a great opportunity to grab one of those books that have been lying on your shelf for too long. Just picture it, a comfy armchair with a blanket, a book, and a cup of hot chocolate, isn’t it soothing and heartwarming? Choose a corner near a window for natural sunlight in the morning. Place a small table next to the armchair where you can place a reading lamp and a couple of your favorite books next to you.

  • Switch your accessories.

You don’t have to switch big items or pieces of furniture; small details can make all the difference. For instance, replace your bright bathroom towels with warmer tones. Do the same with your pillows, some rugs, and add seasonal accessories such as a wreath and a Christmas tree.

Most importantly, make sure your upgrade your curtains for thicker ones and that your windows are perfectly insulated.

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