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As the evening approaches and the city comes to life after Iftar, taking a day off from the regular Suhour at home will be a nice idea to break the monotony and enjoy the spirit of Ramadan gatherings outside. If you are still looking for new places to enjoy Suhour, we got you covered! 

1- Mawlay  

After they impressed us with the last Ramadan venue in Salah Eldin Citadel, they returned this year to indulge us with the authentic Ramadan nights of Cairo in Abdeen Palace. 

You can call 010 6345 0000 or 010 6346 0000 daily from 11 am to 3 am for inquiries and reservations.

2- Na2na2a Tent  

Enjoy vibrant and authentic Ramadan nights at Na2na2a tent. Located in Arabella Plaza, No reservation needed, the priority for who comes first. 

3- Tawlet Yvonne  

The authentic taste of Lebanon in Maadi. Eat your Suhour or Iftar while surrounded by a warm and cozy ambiance and enjoy the air breeze in the open area they have. 

4- Samiha  

If you want to break the routine and eat different suhour that’s salty and tasty, Samiha is the place!  They serve a wide variety of Feteer mshltet, some scrumptious-looking doughy creations, italian pizza 

5- Gracias  

What to do if you are fed up with the traditional Suhour options!! We tell you, Just go Gracias. It is a Mexican restaurant in Sheikh Zayed that is undoubtedly one of the best Mexican spots in town. It offers an oriental Suhoor this Ramadan, that is creative and scrumptious. If you are looking for a special Ramadan Night, Gracias will accomplish this mission for you!

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